AI Update

For the purpose of the jam build of this game, I had cobbled together a rather silly (and particularly clumsy) pathfinding system for you co-workers. It didn't really do the job. So I knew my first post-jam build of this game should replace the old system with something based on some proper grid-based pathfinding.

This means smarter, more difficult enemies with a greatly increased capacity for individualization.

Turns out, these new brainy enemies were perhaps too difficult in a way that wasn't especially fun. They would instantly give chance the moment they laid eyes on you, and when combined with the simple grid-based movement style, this meant the player could sometimes end up in situations where it was nearly impossible to avoid detection. So I added a grace period. You have a brief window to scramble out of an enemy's sight before they start to give chase. This window gets smaller each time it is trigger, however, so watch out!

I also added a more forgiving movement system for the player. This should reduce the sensation of getting snagged on level geometry. Still not in its final form, it is much better.

Those are the main updates for now, but watch this space for further developments!

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Aug 25, 2019

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